Make the most of your online shoppers and convert more leads with Internet/BDC and digital marketing strategies from NCM® Associates and Kain Automotive. 

“There are none better than NCM and Kain for helping dealerships get their arms around the complex task of becoming digitally proficient.” — Hank Walker, McKinnon Automotive Group

This BDC-Sales duo teaches you how to create buzz and successfully convert Internet/BDC leads into sales. In the courses, you’ll learn such skills as:

  • How to craft personalized responses that turn leads into customers
  • SEO/SEM strategies that bring buyers to your website
  • Wordtracks for more effective voicemails and calls
  • The right analytics to gauge your marketing results
  • Ways to use your website to build value over lowest price

Save $400 on the bundle!

Internet/BDC Operations Management

May 16-17
September 19-20
Classes meet in Lexington, Kentucky  

Tailored to Internet/BDC Managers needing better connection rates, increased appointments and improved sales, this class turns your online lead gen system into a well-oiled machine.

Mastering Digital Marketing

 May 18-19 
September 21-22
Classes meet in Lexington, Kentucky

Learn strategies to drive business to your website from search engines such as Google and Bing, discover how to build your social media reputation and get Kain Automotive’s recommendations for purchasing digital leads to yield the best results.