NCM® Associates believes that profits start by understanding the numbers. But the story doesn’t end there. On their own, numbers don’t do much. Success grows when you assemble the right team—one that understands the numbers and the realities of your industry and will hold you accountable to both.

When you join an NCM 20 Group, you combine the support from our highly skilled moderators and data analysts with industry know-how from successful, non-competing peers.

Here's why our clients choose NCM

First Meeting

We Founded the Auto 20 Group

We were there when the first  Ford 20 Group meeting happened in 1945. And by 1947 our founders—C.V. Nichols, Maynard Campbell and Bob Morrow (NCM)—expanded the model to the rest of the industry. We’ve been leading the industry ever since.


Superior Data Integrity

Little mistakes, even as small as a transposed number, easily can creep into your databases. That’s why NCM carefully reviews all submitted data before analyzing them. Our reviewers know the industry and can catch problems, so you don’t waste your time with faulty reports.


Access to Experts

You’re hiring experts—shouldn’t you be able to talk with them? All NCM’s moderators answer their own phones and reply to their own emails and voicemails within 24 hours.

A Day in the Life: The NCM 20 Group

See an NCM 20 Group in action. Go behind-the-scenes with moderator Kevin Cunningham as he guides automotive leaders to greater success.

Group Meeting

Even More Reasons Why to Choose NCM

Customized composites
NCM works with you to find the best data for your business, not just try to sell you a one-size-fits-all “solution.” Our Member Website also gives you the flexibility you need to customize your benchmarks. Your business is unique; your reports should be, too.

You’d be amazed at the differences between our groups. That’s because we give members the freedom to make the changes they need to succeed.  It’s your 20 Group, and we want you really to make it yours.

Online training
NCM Associates is committed to continuous improvement. To help your dealership meet this goal, 20 Group members have a complimentary membership to our online education platform, NCM OnDemand.

No contracts
The best 20 Group results come when peers are committed and working towards continuous improvement. If the time’s not right—or the group just not working for you—you can resign at any time.

Committed employees
NCM Associates is a 100% employee-owned business. Each person at NCM Associates is personally invested in your success because we don’t succeed unless you do.