Don't let a bad hire and pay plan cost you thousands!

Where leadership and legacy intersect.TM

  • Don’t waste your time and money on the on the wrong people. Instead, learn how you can streamline your hiring process and create pay plans that work in these powerful NCMi® courses: Success-Driven Pay Plans and Finding Top Talent.

    In these classes, our experts will reveal the secrets to preventing costly personnel mistakes. Not only will you leave with a clear understanding of how to find and retain the right people, but you’ll also have all the info you need to create the right pay plan for your fixed and variable ops teams. 
  • Finding Top Talent

    Between promoting an open position and losing time on resumes and interviews, it costs your dealerships a lot to hire new people.

    Make sure you’re picking the right person the first time. Over the course of 1½ days, you'll learn the specific tools you need to improve dealership hiring practices and limit turnover. Perfect for anyone who recruits, hires or onboards staff.

    Course Date: June 6-7, Kansas City
  • Success-Driven Pay Plans

    No pay plan can substitute for sound management, but the right plan, coupled with the right management focus, definitely produce the desired results. In this 1½ day course learn the secret strategies and methods top-performing dealers use for both variable and fixed ops pay plans.

    Course Date: June 8-9, Kansas City