Featuring our courses Hiring Top Talent, Success-Driven Pay Plans, and Effective Leadership, this week-long experience will prepare you to build the ideal team, retain your best employees, and lead your dealership to success. Save more than $850 off the retail price of all three courses when you sign up for the entire week-long session.

Course Descriptions


Hiring Top Talent

Designed for leaders who recruit, interview, hire, onboard, and review dealership staff, this course will show you how to locate top candidates, conduct more revealing interviews, and identify the best person for the job.


Success-Driven Pay Plans

No compensation plan is a substitute for sound management; but strong sales and management pay plans for both variable and fixed operations, coupled with the right dealership focus, will produce the desired results. Get the strategies and methods you need for improved employee performance.


Effective Leadership

Discover your personal leadership style and how it influences your decisions. Learn how to play to your strengths while avoiding your weaknesses as you incorporate accountability management at the dealership.