The RIGHT Solution for YOUR Dealership, Not Someone Else's


Like a pair of shoes, solutions for improving the performance of your dealership can come in all shapes and sizes. While others will try and sell you on a pre-packaged solution that may work for most dealers, NCM® believes in a different approach. For more than 70 years, we have partnered with our clients to develop customized plans designed to meet your dealership’s unique needs, whether it’s boosting profitability, productivity, and/or efficiency. This allows us to deliver exactly what you want, without paying for things that you don’t.


Our automotive consultants use benchmark comparisons to help you find the right solutions. All NCM industry experts come with at least 10+ years’ experience in dealership operations, and many are former dealership owners themselves. Together, we will analyze your numbers and processes, then collaborate with you to develop the best, and most profitable, plan of action for your business.

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NCM's Products & Services


NCM is best known having founded the automotive peer collaboration model, called 20 Groups, in 1947. Using our Benchmark® data as a foundation, our 20 Groups bring similar, non-competing businesses together to exchange best practices, experiences, and strategies, allowing clients to learn from their successes—and just as importantly, from their failures.


The NCM Institute was created to assist dealers with maximizing the effectiveness of their staff. Staffed with industry experts with real-world experience, NCMi® provides in-depth management and leadership training to develop the talents of your key managers in department fundamentals and advanced management best practices.


Our automotive consulting solutions, comprised of the newest management trends and tried-and-true best practices, have a proven track record among dealers and OEMs alike. We've collaborated with thousands of dealers to streamline processes and increase their bottom line. 


We’ve leveraged our Benchmark data to create dealer software that will help you quickly and easily identify opportunities for profit, develop achievable action plans, and get instant, accurate DMS reports and dashboards at your fingertips.


NCM has a full-service travel agency that goes far beyond what you will find from booking websites. Your travel agent not only understands how your business operates but can customize every detail of your trip—whether it’s for leisure or business—to match your personal needs.